Best Pharma Brands 2016

About Best Pharma Brands

Best Pharma Brands 2016 is InterbrandHealth’s inaugural top 10 ranking that quantifies the corporate brand’s contribution to business performance in the biopharma industry.

Best Pharma Brands is powered by Interbrand’s International Organization for Standardization (ISO)-certified Brand Valuation methodology, which quantifies the measurable financial impact that a company’s brand has on its overall business performance.

Best Pharma Brands reflects HCPs’ current perceptions of brand value, measured through a global online survey. The report focuses on the prescription portion of a biopharma company’s total revenue. Other revenue sources, including consumer health, over-the-counter products, medical device sales, diagnostics, and animal health are excluded from the analysis.

In addition to the ranking and supporting commentary, the report examines industry trends and provides data-driven insights on topics such as the impact of the corporate brand in an adoption decision, mergers and acquisitions, and corporate citizenship. The report clearly outlines how corporate brand, when leveraged, can generate significant value for a business. It sets an important industry benchmark and highlights the potential for future change.