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view from the inside

View from the inside

Beyond the sector

The tech ‘sector’ is no longer a sector, but rather – new ARENAS of competition will emerge that cross market sectors and embed integrated supply-demand chain thinking into consumer and business driven interfaces. We will expect greater self-service and automation; we will accept AI engineered algorithms tied to performance based outcomes and value-priced scenarios. Brand business models will configure greater value and benefit for relationships vs. transactions and the sales & marketing approach will be demand led vs. supply led.

From Data to Design

Our lives will now move FROM being one that produces data from every transaction or interaction to which companies respond to or seek to offer products, services or solutions for… TO lives that proactively enable us to choose, curate and create products, services and experiences based on our own unique requirements and platforms for delivery/fulfillment. We will be designing the experiences and outcomes that we want, and we anticipate we will need thanks to AI and predictive/personalized modeling via data. We will be mindful of consumer data protection and feel secure by new Consumer-friendly laws, regulations and prohibitions on surveillance, cyber-security insurance and data breaches and malfeasance.

The New Workforce

Engineered AI and hyper-automation will be the ‘norm’ for Business performance as legacy infrastructures will move to more fluid, virtual and remote workforces managed in less hierarchical manners. Enterprise solutions will need to invest in data analytics, human behavioral insight and rapid service innovation in order to stay ahead of a dynamic competitive situation. Brands anchored in deploying technology in pursuit of customer centric solutions will thrive, and will do so based upon highly purpose driven ethics, commitments and experiences that unify and connect their workforce to serving consumer/customer demands.

Unifying in the Cloud

Infrastructure for enterprise will consist of a distributed Cloud Based computing that is data/ cyber secure; connected with edge-based computing data; and be based upon a total experience and connection between customer experience, user experience and employee experience.

Low-impact Innovation

An era of sustainable innovation in everything from manufacture, to mobility to demand fulfillment will require business leaders to invest in sustainable materials, EV and solar solutions, zero impact outcomes and social-economic led approaches to fair employment practices and community philanthropy. Technology will need to be deployed in an ethical and transparent manner with a high degree of resilience built into deployment that transcends threats to supply-demand fulfillment due to any external event, crisis or cyber-attack.

Develop Yourself

Finally, the health and safety of people and the planet will be at the forefront of new technologies and innovation to secure a healthier physical world, with less mental anxiety and stress. The focus on education and learning development as well as self-managed lives through diagnostics, proactive interventions and daily therapeutics will become the norm for living.

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