Culture evolves, customer expectations shift. The most significant competitive threats and challenges will increasingly come from beyond categories.


When life seems to be getting harder for everybody, have brands permission to help?

Based on research with consumers all over the world, we’re going to unpack what it takes to truly Thrive. Contact us to organise a private screening of our uplifting new documentary.



The pandemic changed our interaction with the world around us and, in the Move Arena, decisions have become less about “how I get to people, goods, services, and experiences”, and more about “how people, goods, services and experiences get to me” with profound implications for brands in this space. From declining High Streets to remote working, the shifts we observe are registered as much in culture, way of life and livelihood, as they are on the NASDAQ.


Introducing the Express Arena

Today’s products, experiences and brands are cultural artefacts that give insight into our social, commercial and industrial lives. They tell stories of affiliation and rebellion. Of provenance and advancement. The value of these contemporary totems is driven not simply by what they are, but by what they express.


Gamers, streamers, fans and dreamers.

Play helps us connect. To my self. To others. To ground us in who we really are. And lift us up to where we can go, together. While we can, of course, connect in lots of different ways, we can’t Play without connecting…to our imagination; with others; to the physical objects around us; with something bigger than ourselves. Connection helps explain why gaming has taken off…and a lack of connection helps explain why baseball is falling further into a time past. Connection is the need that could be better met.​

$7.1 trillion

Estimated total Play Arena value

3,242,616,000 hours

Daily hours spent on play by Americans every day.