Building the brand that united a continent



Creating something even greater than the sum of its parts. 

The world has globalized, travellers’ expectations have expanded. Local airlines, even incredibly successful ones, started to feel a little bit… small.

When Chile’s LAN and Brazil’s TAM airlines merged, Interbrand’s economic market sizing model gave them the confidence to make a bold move: they would drop two highly successful national carriers and re-brand to a single unified voice. This would create a bold new flagship intended to showcase the best of the region to the world.

After proving that an ambitious, new Latin American brand would capture customers’ imaginations and spark desire, we created a powerful, singular proposition, LATAM, which spoke to the sky-high expectations of passengers and signalled a landmark in the history of aviation – the first time two great airlines flew together under an entirely new flag.

After redesigning and implementing a new customer journey from pre- to post-flight experience, new liveries, in-flight entertainment, frequent flyer program, travel agencies up to a new sonic branding, LATAM was successfully launched at the 2016 Rio Olympics offering passengers a unique and contemporary point of view from Latin America.

Immediately after launch, results began to show. LATAM added up to 300 flights to service the games, their stock price rose, and they became a key player in the global airline industry – transporting one in every two passengers in South America. In their 2018 annual report, LATAM reported their highest net income since the 2012 merger. Our work landed them the prestigious IF Design, Red Dot awards and Client of the Year 2018 at the Brazilian Design Awards. Together, we took Latin American travel from boarding to awarding and still rewarding.

From local carrier to global flagship.