Content Marketing – Where to Spend Your First $100

Over the last few months, I have seen extensive growth in content marketing. One in every Five web-based companies is implementing content marketing in their marketing strategies. Content marketing might prove to be extremely beneficial for websites which are sick of search engine ranking. Or google algorithms have destroyed entire web business, there is still a hope of getting over business ditches. START Content Marketing Today.

It Works Like a Charm

A few marketing experts call it an essential part of inbound marketing, few calls it a new SEO or a new digital-age practice. I personally call it Influence Marketing which works like a charm when reached to the targeted audience.

In the next few paragraphs, I will reveal some interesting ideas & channels of spreading your content around the web when you have only $100 for spending on content marketing. Before we proceed to the $100 content marketing approach, I will also teach you how to start content marketing with a $0 budget. I will tell you 3 Quick, Simple & Effective Ideas!

Preliminary $0 Marketing

1. Be More Social – Everyone knows, social media sharing on your personal profile & brand page will be the first & absolutely free step to start with. Also make it a habit to shoot a mail to every subscriber, after every post you publish, also make sure to send a newsletter weekly or fortnightly.

Tips: Storytelling works far better than typical social media sharing. Use MailChimp or Aweber to send newsletters.

2. Blogger Outreach – If you think your content might rock the world you can use email outreach tactic. Collect a list of your influences, industry experts, bloggers and brands which matches to the niche of your content and shoot a direct mail to inform them that you have written something exceptional which might help their audience learn and know new things. You can use below email format:

Hi [Name of Receiver],
I’ve been following your work for a while now. And I have to say, I’m a big fan of your work and the way you do it!
And that is the reason I’m emailing you. I just published a post about [topic], titled, [name of post]. Because you talk about the same topic, I thought you might be interested.
If you’d like to see it, you can find it at this link:
[ link of the post]
[Your Name]

3. Share, Share & Share – There are a lot of content aggregators and content sharing platforms in your niche which is already waiting for great content like yours. Submit your content on all content-based sharing networks like, Stumbleupon, Reddit, Digg, BizSuger, and news sites like Slashdot and Newsvine.

Also submit your blog/website to content aggregators like Popurls,, and Alltop

Tips: Use to find more resources to spread and promote your content

Remember, the better you write, the more your content goes viral.

And if you don’t want to remain limited to the figure of visitors you gained by $0 content marketing, then here are the best mediums where you can put in your money to get the most out of the $100 budget.

$100 Budget Marketing

In over two years of occurrence in content marketing, running dozens of blogs & spending more than $20,000 in content, I have tried dozens of mediums to promote content and did a number of experiments with content consequently and still doing to discover more. Everything taught me that the better you write the more bucks you save and less you need to spend on marketing.

In next few lines, I will teach you how to get more out of your $100 and how to use your bucks on different platforms efficiently. Let’s start with few of my favourite platforms.

PS: $100 does not include the cost of content, technology or efforts made in setting up campaigns.

Sponsored Posts on Facebook

FYA, Facebook as a content marketing works only for few niches. It works for B2C more than B2B. Go for Facebook sponsored posts if you things your shared entry is good enough to become viral and it might rock the world if promoted effectively. It must create a call to action so that your post get more likes, comments & share and eventually get viral.


Minimum Budget – $1/Day
Minimum CPA – $0.01 Per Post Like, Share, Comment & Page Like
Minimum CPM – $0.02/1000 Impressions

To estimate the idea, In the United States, advertisers on average will have to pay $24 to get 100 people to click on their advertisement or will have to pay $24.00 to get their ad shown 36,364 times if they choose CPM.

Outbrain Content Syndication

My own favourite medium of generating high-quality traffic from world’s leading sites. You will be surprised when you see a huge traffic flow coming from world’s greatest websites at miserable prices. CNN, Indiatimes, Washingtonpost & Pcmag are few portals you will see traffic coming to your website. They put your content at the end of post/article as relevant articles or in the sidebar as sponsored articles. Your promoted content in text layout will look like:

And image format will look like:

Your content will look authentic, unlike Chitika or Infolinks. And I am damn sure, Outbrain will prove itself most trusted amongst all content syndication networks.


Cost-effectiveness is the best thing about Outbrain. Quick attributes of Outbrain cost are:

Model – CPC
Minimum Budget – $10/Day
Minimum CPC – $0.03/Click

And if Outbrain could not satisfy or carry out your requirements, you can go for its alternatives. Taboola, Zemanta, nRelate & Gravity are good alternatives. I will also appreciate a Singapore based startup Yengo, which derived massive traffic for me.


Both are the best platform to promote your content and can drive targeted traffic in thousands per diem. Below is how both works and what they cost.

Reddit – Ads start at $5 per campaign with $0.75 CPM rates. Reddit also claims, spending $5 makes out ads appear more than 6000 times.

Stumbleupon Paid Discovery – It works similar to cost per click, we pay only when someone visits a page. There are two options of advertisement to choose from. Choose standard plan for slight engagement and pay $0.10 per engaged visitor or pay $0.25 for guaranteed top serving and get more visits.


First 4 lines written on Zedo’s home page state everything about Zedo and this is true that ads are served on high-quality sites only. Where Outbrain is ahead of all advertisers in content ads, Zedo is leading adverting network in display ads. Few examples of ads formats can be seen here (Page Pushed Ads Format) and here (Slider Ads Format).


Zedo is a CPM based display ads network, it means you will be charged for per thousand impressions on your display ads.

Minimum Budget – $30/Day
Minimum CPM – $0.01
Premium CPM – $0.15

Zedo is ideal for running content marketing campaigns for business blogs. And I am very sure Zedo will return better RIO than other display networks. You can try it’s alternatives Openx, SiteScout, TribalFusion or Pulse360 if it seems Zedo is not working for you.


Below conclusion might help you choose the best network to start content marketing at $100. Here is what you get when you spend $100 on each network.

Facebook Sponsored Posts – $100 = Average 1000 Clicks/Likes/Shares on your post when you choose CPC or 500000 Impressions when you choose CPM (Source: Personal Experience)

Outbrain Content Syndication – $100 = Maximum 3500 quality Clicks on your content

Stumbleupon – $100 = 1000 visitor when you choose standard plan & 400 visitors when you choose the premium plan

Reddit – $100 = 120,000 Impressions

Zedo Display Ads – $100 = 60,000 to 1,000,000 Impressions

So if you own a blog, Whitepapers, Vlog or a section on your website dedicated to killer & niche content or you believe your website is outfitted with rich content, START Content Marketing Today and see how it helps build your blog/business remarkable and lucrative. The thing you need to identify is what medium works best for your niche. Try putting $100 in each and every above cited medium to know what works best for you. Ask me by putting a comment in case you need to start quickly & effectively.

PS: I am looking forward to your input. Let us all know what medium you tried and you got a better return on your inputs.

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