10 Minutes Startup Guide to Low Budget Online Branding

More than 50 million people start worldwide every year. It states that more than 100,000 new companies take birth every day. This is really remarkable. Even more interesting fact is that almost equal number of startups dies every day. Only few Startups survive in corporate world, and such startups know how to build brand online or offline.

For the time being I will discuss only about building online brands for Startups. Online branding is about creating a buzz about your brand, maintaining online reputation and gathering maximum eyeballs for your brand. The more your company is apparent within the target audience more likely is your online branding, for this you need to run all the ongoing promotion campaigns in a right way. Now let’s focus on the effective aspects of building your startup a brand through low budget online branding.

Social Media: It is indeed the most popular, effective and undoubtedly a must adoptable method of online branding. Facebook, Twitter & Pinterest are most used social media platforms worldwide, and you must be from those who know the power of social media. Besides grasping more followers or likes for your brand’s page you must be striking enough to stir everyone come across. Keep all your brand’s attributes in your brain and persistently tweet/post/pin what your customers/audience love and appreciate.

Local Directories: As a startup your brand might be unheard in a crowd of big and small corporations. Listing your company and its products on Local Search Engines and Yellow Pages can help increase visibility & reachability to your targeted customers.

Online Display Advertising with Google Adword, Facebook: Facebook and Google are the most popular and obviously most visited websites on this planet, who the hell will ignore the power of these platforms. Even advertising on both platforms will eventually increase your brand’s visibility and search ranking as well.

Niche Advertising: A construction company can never afford advertising on a holiday blog, just because there are minimal chances to get customer. Search for the blogs that specializes in your domain and ask them for a space to put advertisement in form of banner, widget or text link of your brand.

Pre Buzz: It is the finest way to let your target customers know about your brand. Use social media profiles and coming soon page of your website to get it done in efficient way. Writing guest posts and putting these in some great blogs or startup platforms for your upcoming brand is also best way to make target audience aware of your startup.

Give & Take: Give and take is most successful and trending method to gain customers these days. Helping customers, solving their problems and getting all things done for your customers are signs of a fine and booming brand. Few techniques to do so are:
Use power of blogs and social media platforms to help and give what your audience expects from your brand.
Put whitepapers and useful guides on your website to let your visitors download.
Create presentations and upload these to Slideshare and few more such platforms.
Writing a guide book as e-Book is also a best way to do so.

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